miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

I Love

I love what you ask, what you answer
I love when you go, when you stay
I love when you whisper, when you shout
I love every single thing you say

I love when you’re close, when you’re far
I love your perfume, how you smell
I love when you talk, when you walk
I love when you’re in heaven and I’m in hell

I love when you’re dumb, when you’re smart
I love when you look, when you blink
I love when you sleep, when you’re awake
I love when you stop, and then you think

I love your past, for what it has taught you
I love you present, cause I’m in it
I love your future, for what it may bring
I love your life, every minute

I love what you accept, what you deny
I love when you’re up and when you’re down
I love your hair, it drives me crazy
I love it when it’s dark, when it’s brown

I love your happiness and your sadness
I love your heart, body and soul
I love your legs, I love you arms
I love when you’re lost, or in control

I love what I see in you
I love what you hide
I love what you are
because what you are is mine...

I Love You, Mirtha A. Arias

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